St Mary's School

At St. Mary’s School, we teach using the Creative Curriculum. This approach uses a single topic to deliver all aspects of the curriculum. By linking all of the academic subjects, learning becomes motivating, purposeful and real.

Creative Curriculum – Core Subjects

Our teachers plan engaging, innovative units of work, beginning with “stunning starters”, moving to a “marvellous middle” and ending with a “fabulous finish”, so that children remain motivated and excited by their learning journey.

An example of the Creative Curriculum in action would be the children arriving in school to find that they have received a letter from the Head of China’s Tourist Board. The letter asks them to produce an advertising campaign to encourage residents of the UK to visit China.

The children apply their research skills to investigate relevant tourist destinations in China, and then use their English lesson to produce a leaflet which highlights the attributes of their chosen tourist attraction. Designing the leaflet could incorporate History as they investigate the attraction’s past. Furthermore, they may then use their Geography and Science learning to research the climate of that particular area of China.

Pupils could then go on to utilise their technology skills by using the green screen in our Global Learning Centre to produce a weather report for potential visitors. They can also develop their IT skills to produce a specific QR Code which would be embedded into their leaflet.

The virtual reality headsets would allow the children to visit the attraction together and feel as if they have been there in person. Using their Art skills, they would apply this experience to create an image of the tourist attraction on paper. Design and Technology would provide them with the opportunity to transfer the image onto a computer programme and print a 3D model of the tourist attraction.

Placing creativity at the centre of our curriculum ensures our children are able to remain at the forefront of education, making connections in their learning, taking risks and thinking deeply about real-world problems.

They will take these skills forward into their senior schools and beyond into an ever-changing workplace. An emphasis on skills development will allow them to feel confident and prepared to face any challenge that comes their way.