St Mary's School

Ballet (Reception – Year 3)

Our purpose is to inspire a love of learning and personal growth through ballet. We seek to elevate each child’s self-esteem, in a fun and happy environment, and to celebrate their individual accomplishments.

While we deliver the highest level of teaching and support for every child, we know the majority will not seek to become professional ballerinas. However, we believe the experience of learning ballet can help boost each child’s mental and emotional growth by encouraging creativity, discipline, confidence, leadership, dedication, focus. It is these, and many other qualities learned through ballet, that lay the foundations for future academic, career and life success.

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Chess (Years 1 – 6)

Chess develops a number of important skills in its students such as pattern recognition and memory, decision making, analytical ability, imagination and self-discipline, all of which can naturally help children in the academic arena. We also enter teams in local and National tournaments and we take part in the UK Chess Challenge, the world’s largest chess competition.

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Drama (Years 3 – 6)

Years 3 – 6: Girls will join action packed acting classes which lead to Trinity College Drama Exams. Girls will work on extracts from plays, poems and mime work to extend performing ability. A range of challenging and rewarding, confidence building technique exercises will develop acting skills.

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Fencing (Years 1 – 6)

Our world-class Head Coach is European Champion & 20-time Hungarian National Champion Gabriella Hopka-Varga. Gabriella is a brilliant sportswoman, continually inspiring a new generation of athletes and a true living role model to us all.

Fencing is an inclusive, excellent all-around workout that enhances one’s reflexes and coordination skills. It promotes and develops a child’s mental, physical and psychological well-being in a wholesome way. You don’t necessarily have to be sporty or athletic. Fencing is for everyone!

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Spanish (Reception – Year 3)

The club uses the unique approach of teaching a language through a great combination of Singing and Signing. Even before birth, infants make no distinction between music, language, singing and speech. Once they start to speak, young children can reproduce other languages with perfect pronunciation, so singing in a foreign language is a fantastic way of learning single words and whole phrases in context. From Year 4, Reading and Writing will be included.

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