Parent-Teacher Association

There is an active PTA at St Mary’s School who run fundraising events and organise the gently worn uniform sales.

Nominated Charities 

Following a vote, parents, staff and pupils have selected the following two charities to benefit from our school fundraising this year:

National Charity – The Rainbow Trust

Supporting families who have a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness.

International Charity – Care International

CARE believes that everyone has a right to basic education. But in many parts of the world children, particularly girls, are denied this right. In Niger, for example, only one in two girls attends primary school, just one in 10 goes to middle school, and only one in 50 goes to high school. One of those reasons is early child marriage. Every 20 seconds, a girl younger than 15 is forced to marry somewhere in the world. Child marriage robs them of their education, health, youth, and future. That’s why we work with women, girls and communities worldwide to end early child marriage.

The School will also continue to raise funds for CAFOD and other charities throughout the year.