St Mary's School

All children at St Mary’s School are encouraged to draw, paint and create three-dimensional work using a variety of media and stimuli.

A carefully planned and thorough Art and Design curriculum encourages all children to develop their skills and also allows their artistic talent to shine. Pupils are introduced to a variety of creative activities including drawing, painting, printing, modelling and needlecraft and taught to use materials with precision and expertise.

The children combine traditional art-making methods with the latest technology. For example, the Year 6 children recently designed African block printing on paper. This was then transferred to a computer programme that enabled the children to print the designs using our 3D printer in the Global Learning Centre. This print was then used to decorate traditional teak that will be used as part of the set for the Year 6 summer play.

Pupils participate in art exhibitions and are able to discuss their work and the work of others using appropriate vocabulary. The children’s beautiful artwork is shared on our Blue Stairs Gallery. These wonderful displays are updated regularly for everyone to enjoy.