St Mary's School

Private School Islington

St Mary’s is a leading independent Catholic girls school based in the heart of Hampstead, with links to Islington.

We welcome you to St Mary’s School.

For those of you looking for private schools in Islington, we hope you may consider St Mary’s School in Hampstead as an option for your child. At St Mary’s School Hampstead, we believe that children thrive when they learn in a joyful and nurturing environment. Within our school, we maintain high expectations for all our students, encouraging them to do their best and pursue their talents, whether they are academic, athletic, or in the performing arts. It is our responsibility to provide each and every one of them with the opportunity to shine.

The school has invested significantly in a comprehensive refurbishment program to create modern and stimulating learning spaces. Incorporating the latest technology, such as iPads and Chromebooks accessible to every student, has been a key focus. The classrooms now offer flexible seating and are flooded with natural light.

Our innovative Global Learning Centre, which opened in September 2019, features a state-of-the-art Engineering and Robotics Lab, Virtual Reality Launch Pad, Art and Design Studio, and a Green Room. This contemporary and creative center promotes and integrates STEAM subjects at St Mary’s School. Undoubtedly, STEAM equips girls with advanced skills for their future education.

Furthermore, at St Mary’s School, we firmly believe in striking a balance between technology and fostering creativity and physical development. Music, drama, art, and sports are integral parts of school life and involve every student. The modernisation program has also improved the outdoor space for all age groups, including the installation of climbing equipment and the upgrading of the full-size netball court for football, rugby, cricket, and tennis training and matches.

By incorporating integrated technology, flexible seating arrangements, and a diverse curriculum, St Mary’s students are thriving. They are developing effective learning habits and making independent choices that will be carried forward into their secondary education and beyond.

Our primary focus is always on the well-being and development of the children. Therefore, we place great emphasis on working in partnership with parents. Amongst private schools in Islington & North London, we take immense pride in our school and everything it has to offer to our dedicated staff, talented students, and supportive parents.

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