St Mary's School

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St Mary’s is a leading independent Catholic girls school based in the heart of Hampstead.

We welcome you to St Mary’s School.

If you’re in search of distinguished independent schools in the Highgate area, we warmly invite you to consider St Mary’s School in Hampstead for your child’s educational journey. St Mary’s School is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and supportive environment where pupils are inspired to excel in their endeavors. We set the bar high for every learner, propelling them to discover and hone their individual strengths—be it in academia, sports, or arts. It’s our mission to cultivate each child’s potential, providing them with ample opportunities to stand out.

At St Mary’s, our pupils are not just benefiting academically; they are also developing robust habits and autonomy in their learning journey, setting a solid foundation for their secondary education and the world beyond. Central to our ethos is the children’s welfare—thus, we emphasise collaborative relationships with parents, setting us apart amongst Highgate’s and North London’s esteemed independent schools. We take immense pride in our community, which includes our dedicated staff, exceptional students, and engaged parents.

Furthermore, at St Mary’s School, we firmly believe in striking a balance between technology and fostering creativity and physical development. Music, drama, art, and sports are integral parts of school life and involve every student. The modernisation program has also improved the outdoor space for all age groups, including the installation of climbing equipment and the upgrading of the full-size netball court for football, rugby, cricket, and tennis training and matches.

By incorporating integrated technology and a diverse curriculum, St Mary’s students are thriving. They are developing effective learning habits and making independent choices that will be carried forward into their secondary education and beyond.

Our primary focus is always on the well-being and development of the children. Therefore, we place great emphasis on working in partnership with parents. Amongst private schools in Highgate & North London, we take immense pride in our school and everything it has to offer.

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