St Mary's School


Music at St Mary’s School is lively, engaging, fun and of a very high quality.

Within the curriculum, music involves everybody and we teach children the key skills of performing, composing and appreciating a variety of musical styles.

Children have the opportunity to learn one or two musical instruments. Individual and group tuition can be arranged for pianoforte, violin, flute, recorder and voice. Specialist staff work in the school to teach these instruments.

We encourage children of all ages to enjoy performing and to develop their individual musical talents to a high standard. We offer a range of clubs including Lower School Singing Club, Upper School Choir (Years 4-6) and Chapel Choir (Y6). Within Music classes, pupils will have the opportunity to learn the ukulele, ocarina, marimba, djembe and keyboard. The pupils perform in the Nativity and Christmas Carol Concert as well as other dramas throughout the school year.

We believe that a love of music, gained in childhood, lasts a lifetime and that making music with others is a social and enjoyable experience.