St Mary's School


STEAM at St Mary’s School, Hampstead

We are immensely proud of our pioneering Global Learning Centre.

The space includes a cutting-edge Engineering and Robotics Lab, Virtual Reality Launch Pad, Art and Design Studio as well as a Green Room.

This modern, innovative centre has been specially designed to promote STEAM at St Mary’s and provide the girls with advanced skills for the next stage of their education.

STEAM is a holistic approach that brings together Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths into their learning. We live in a technological world that is advancing at an incredible pace. As teachers, we are laying the foundations for careers that, in many cases, do not even exist yet.

The benefits for our girls are wide-ranging and invaluable. Research has proven the numerous benefits of STEAM in schools, including:

  • Asking the important questions and encouraging inventive problem solving.
  • Removing idea inhibition…there’s no wrong answer in art!
  • Focusing on the processes that help drive innovation.
  • Improving spatial awareness and mathematical concepts such as geometry.
  • Building confidence through inclusive, approachable and fun teaching.

These multi-disciplinary skills will be applicable to everyday life and encourage our pupils to think more broadly about real-world problems. Art and creativity are the vital tools that allow technology to be practical and relevant to real life. For example, the STEAM approach helped create innovations such as the iPhone, the laptop and is being used to find future solutions to issues such as improving air quality.

Our ambition is to prepare the girls to change the world. By sparking their individual interests, we will enable pupils to develop a more creative outlook that will support them throughout their education and working lives.