St Mary's School

Spring Fair Fundraising Success For Year 6!

We are thrilled to share that our Year 6 Spring Fundraising Fair raised a staggering £4,814.42…eclipsing the girls’ original target of £1,000!

On Saturday, over 500 visitors gathered in the sunshine to enjoy tea, lemonade, games and the most delicious popcorn and cake to support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

In the preceding week, the girls had been selling Peace Posies outside school which raised an additional £1,090.72. As a result, the grand total now stands at an incredible £5,905.14. Every single penny donated has been sent directly to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Thank you so much to Year 6 and their parents for their incredible efforts to ensure the day was a huge success.

And, thank you to all the St Mary’s friends and neighbours who supported the event.

It was truly wonderful to welcome so many families – we have never seen the playground so full!