St Mary's School

11+ Destination Schools

Academic Year 2023/24

Every year we are justifiably proud of our excellent Senior School results. This year, our 24 leavers received the following offers:

School Offer Details
Aldenham School 1 Offer
Belmont School 5 Offers
Camden School for Girls 1 Offer
Channing School 10 Offers (1 Scholarship)
City of London School for Girls 3 Offers
Downe House School 2 Offers
Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park 8 Offers (4 Scholarships)
Francis Holland School, Sloane Square 1 Offer
Heathfield School 1 Offer
Highgate School 2 Offers
Maida Vale School 2 Offers
Mayfield School 1 Offer
More House School 2 Offers
North London Collegiate School 1 Offer
North Bridge House Senior School, Hampstead 1 Offer
Northwood College 1 Offer
Notting Hill & Ealing School 1 Offer
Parliament Hill School 2 Offers
The Perse School, Cambridge 1 Offer
Queen's College, London 10 Offers (2 Scholarships)
Queenswood 5 Offers (2 Scholarships)
St Mary's School, Ascot 1 Offer
St Mary's School, Cambridge 1 Offer
South Hampstead High School 6 Offers
St Helen's School 3 Offers
St James Senior Girls' School 1 Offer
Woldingham School 1 Offer
Wycombe Abbey 1 Offer

We are always delighted to celebrate our outstanding Senior School results.

St Mary's School is non-selective, so Year 6 destination schools vary by year. We have built strong relationships with a fantastic range of schools and we always encourage parents to send their child to the school where they will thrive both academically and socially.

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