St Mary's School

Charity & Sustainability

The spiritual and moral principles that we nurture daily make our vibrant school truly unique. At St Mary’s School, everything we do is for the benefit of the children. But, as a forward-thinking, modern school, we have a responsibility also to educate pupils about their obligations to care about wider society and the environment.

We take every opportunity to emphasise tolerance, understanding and compassion as essential to living in a vibrant and caring multicultural society. We believe charity and sustainability play a key role in this.

Charity and Sustainability

This principle of promoting the common good is wide-ranging. The School fundraises for two charities each year chosen by the parents, staff and pupils. We empower children to fundraise independently. They regularly participate in charity events beyond the School gates and build essential skills beyond the curriculum.

We have also extended our shared goal to improve our sustainability and reduce our environmental impact. Our goal is to protect what we value today for future generations. This is demonstrated by a conscious move to purchasing more traceable and sustainable materials.

We continue to transform our approach to reduce, reuse and recycle school waste and procuring eco-friendly products wherever possible. Other student-led initiatives include expanding our Walk To School week to help reduce air pollution. We have also established a rewilding garden and are growing more fruit, vegetables and herbs on our grounds.

Instilling these long-term values of social responsibility and awareness is crucial. In turn, our pupils discover the inestimable rewards of being kind, considerate and compassionate to others.