St Mary's School

Thank You To The Year 6 Girls!

I’m often asked what makes our wonderful school so unique and I firmly believe that it’s the spiritual and moral principles that are nurtured daily. As a forward-thinking, modern school, we have a responsibility to educate pupils about the need to demonstrate compassion to our wider society. Our hope is that our pupils will carry these values with them throughout their lives.

Therefore, I was absolutely overjoyed when a group of Year 6 girls came to me with the suggestion of raising money to hold a Christmas Party for our local Age UK Centre. Their idea was to invite some of the older people in our community to the School to enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch and listen to some festive music.

As a result, we were delighted to open our doors on the last day of term to the clients and carers of Age UK Camden. The Year 6 girls helped to host the event, serve Christmas lunch and share gifts with our visitors.

Age UK is an independent charity that helps older people to stay active and ensures their later life experiences are fulfilling and enjoyable. The charity has been working in the local community for 50 years to deliver high quality, innovative services for older and often isolated people in Hampstead.

Led by the girls, this event enabled us to raise money to support the charity’s inspiring work, but also create lasting memories for all involved. The lunch was a huge success and we hope to be able to make it an annual event.

Thank you Year 6!

Harriet Connor-Earl, Headmistress