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The St Mary’s School War Child Challenge

This year, St Mary’s School Hampstead is incredibly proud to be fundraising for War Child as the School charity.

War Child protects educates and stands up for the rights of children in war. They work with children in the following countries:

  •  Afghanistan
  •  Central African Republic
  •  Democratic Republic of Congo
  •  Iraq
  •  Yemen

The School is committed to raising as much money as we can for War Child. Competing within our Houses, pupils and staff have taken on the Challenge of racing all the way to the capital cities of these countries and then back to London.

That’s a long way! In fact, it’s 11,633 miles in total:

Distance Accumulated distance
London to Bagdad 2,452
Baghdad to Kabul 1,420 3,872
Kabul to Sana’a 2,037 5,909
Sana’a to Kinshasa 1,653 7,562
Kinshasa to Bangui 641 8,203
Bangui to London 3,430 11,633 miles

In order to complete the Challenge, all the teams will need to be sponsored for every mile they complete. You can run, cycle, swim, scoot, skip, hop or jump; the goal is to record as many miles as possible and have fun while you do it! The first House to complete the Challenge wins.

It would be wonderful if you could support this inspiring initiative by visiting and donating through our ParentPay page here: STMH ParentPay We can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures as they complete the Challenge.

Thank you so much for your support!

Together, we can change the fate of millions of children in war

St Mary’s School is proud to support War Child UK as our Charity of the YearWar Child UK is a child protection charity working in countries devastated by conflict. We are fundraising throughout the school year to help them make a difference to the most vulnerable children facing the threat of war and coronavirus. To find out more about the vital work War Child are doing visit: