St Mary's School

“We change our tables not only every day, but twice a day!”

St Mary’s School is currently investing in an extensive refurbishment programme to deliver the most up-to-date and engaging facilities. The aim is to integrate the latest technology and teaching aids and for the spacious classrooms to be flooded with natural light.

Headmistress Mrs Connor-Earl commented:

In my office, I have three separate work areas. My stand up desk is used to complete tasks such as analysing student data. I will then use the more traditional sit down desk to write congratulations cards to the girls and boys. The sofa is where everyone gravitates when hosting my Book Club. We, as adults, use different seating for different tasks to improve our concentration and efficiency.

So, when designing our new classrooms, I wanted to include a variety of learning spaces. Gone are name labels stuck to an assigned desk. Pupils can now choose between soft staged seating, a stand up desk or a collaborative working pod. All the furniture is flexible and can be moved easily. This allows teachers to group the children in varied ways according to the lesson. It follows that if you feel comfortable at your work station, you are going to work better and more effectively.

After using the new space for a few weeks, one Year 4 pupil said, “We change our tables not only every day, but twice a day!”

We can’t wait to welcome the girls into the next set of new classrooms after the Easter holidays.